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    6995 Monroe Boulevard
    Taylor, MI  48180 - United States



    (313) 292-7000


    (313) 722-8770

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    20+ Years of International Trade Compliance Experience

    We've seen it all and have been helping clients navigate the complex world of trade compliance for over 20 years.

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    Import & Export Compliance Specialists

    We make sure our clients comply with expanding import, export and FTA compliance program demands.

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    Customs Compliance Consulting Services

    See how our expert customs compliance specialists and years of experience can help you.

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    Let's make your trade compliance challenges a thing of the past. Call, email or submit a form online.

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    FOCUS is your trusted source for international trade compliance services.


    FOCUS is a full-service customs and international trade compliance firm uniquely positioned to help companies with their international trade and compliance needs. We help manage the operations and on-going costs of importing and exporting, and make sure you are adhering to the latest customs compliance rules and regulations.

    Companies hire FOCUS to manage their import and export processes while helping reduce costs and meet their risk management and trade compliance obligations.

    Our Company

    Companies hire FOCUS to manage their import and export processes while helping reduce costs and meet their risk management and international trade compliance obligations.

    Trusted Guidance

    Our customs consulting services can help guide your company as you manage your import and export costs and international trade compliance operations.


    Our licensed customs brokers are here to make sure your organization is meeting the highest standards of international trade and customs compliance and we offer the highest quality customs management and compliance services.


    Tariff Classification Determinations

    Whether you are importing, exporting or struggling with any of the various free trade agreements, FOCUS can provide the right tools and resources to help you meet your classification needs. Our classification specialists can determine the appropriate harmonized tariff classification number and duty rates for your purchased and manufactured products.

    NAFTA & Other Free Trade Agreements

    FOCUS provides a complete FTA Program Management (e.g. NAFTA, AALA, HTS 9800s, etc.) service offering that includes classification of your purchased goods, classification of your finished goods, solicitation of your suppliers for FTA certificates or other statements, FTA determinations based on your bill of materials, and responding to your customer requests for FTA certificates or other statements.

    Valuation & Reconciliation Services

    Customs valuation law is extremely complex. This area of customs management requires unique skills and experience to design and manage effective entry and post entry customs value reporting and reconciliation processes and systems. FOCUS helps clients design, implement, and manage effective customs value reporting and reconciliation processes and systems.

    Duty Management & Refunds

    When you are importing products and paying dues, there's an opportunity cost that needs to be managed. FOCUS helps our clients monitor their duty spend and apply for refunds, where possible. Active duty management is a critical component of a strong customs and international trade program that FOCUS specializes in.

    WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT "Quality service at a fair price"

    Endless possibilities

    Clients hire us to find new areas for on-going duty savings, for trade compliance workflow improvements, to identify and file duty refund claims, and to manage costs and compliance risks associated with importing and exporting goods..

    Return On Investment

    The time required to hire, train, manage and monitor your trade compliance team can be extremely expensive. The minute you hire FOCUS is the minute you start saving money and you’ll experience the ROI immediately.

    Licensed Customs Brokers

    Our team includes a larger group of licensed customs brokers that are well-versed on the ins and outs of international trade compliance rules and regulations.

    Staffing Solutions

    You can hire us to pro-actively staff your import and export responsibilities. We know what it takes to navigate the complex world of trade compliance and we’ll help you staff your team effectively.

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    Latest FOCUS Business Solutions, Inc. News

    2019 AAEI Annual Conference - June 26-28, 2019

    The FOCUS team will be exhibiting at this conference in Washington, DC on June 26-28.

    ICPA Annual Conference - Mar 24-28, 2019

    The FOCUS team at the ICPA conference in Orlando, Fla on Mar 24 - 28, 2019.

    FOCUS Duty Management Services

    Need help managing import duties? FOCUS has developed a comprehensive solution for managing duties, reviewing entries for compliance, measuring broker performance, pursuing refunds, and identifying savings opportunities.

    Contact FOCUS Business Solutions, Inc. today!

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